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-by Chuck Johnson

Dear fellow bowler,

If you're wanting to skyrocket your bowling game to 200-Plus ... throwing strike after strike with pinpoint precision ... confidently picking up almost every spare (on the odd occasion when you don't level all the pins with your first throw) ... then this this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.

You're about to learn the secrets that separate the average bowler from the pro's who seem to magically send each ball with laser-like precision, devastating the neat arrangement of pins that stare at you from the far end of the lane, as every single pin is levelled with a satisfying crash.

But it's not magic.

It's not just playing regularly.

It's not even dedicated practice (although that sure helps).

Virtually every bowler who can consistently bowl 200-plus has been taught the secrets of how to bowl ... the easy-to-learn (but surprisingly little-known) secrets that advances bowling from frustrating trial-and-error to an exact, predictable (but simple) science.

And that tragic part is, that unless you know these "insider" secrets, you'll never bowl to anywhere near your full potential.

I want to share these very secrets with you -- but first let me tell you the story of how I learned the astonishing secrets that utterly transformed my bowling, because for the longest time, I never even knew these secrets existed!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it now... I bowled regularly in a league, played extra games whenever I could, but as far as improving my game, I was wasting my time because I didn't know the basic mechanics behind the game.

My "Lucky Break" Could Be
Your Ticket to Vastly Better Bowling ...

My bowling used to lack consistency ... one game I'd be throwing strike after strike, but the very next game I'd suffer a humiliating defeat, as my game would absolutely go all to hell.

It was unbelievably frustrating. When my game was "off", I'd try my best to "psyche myself up", to "think positive", and all that stuff. I'd roll the ball, and the instant it left my hand I'd realize I had screwed up yet again. The ball would go off to the left ... not by much, but by enough to ruin my chances of a good strike.

I'd smile to all those around me (and even join in the laughter when my screw-up was somehow amusing to them), but secretly I was mad inside.

I caught my lucky break when -- entirely by coincidence -- I was introduced to the owner of my local bowling center, who happened to be visiting a friend of mine (sometimes it really is a small world, isn't it!).

We chatted for hours about all sorts of things. It turned out that in addition to our love of bowling, we had dozens of other things in common!

After many hours of chatting -- as I reluctantly stood up to head home -- the owner of the bowling center made me an offer so generous it left me speechless ... he offered me unlimited access to pick the brains of his bowling coaches!

Needless to say, this was ...

A Turn-Around Event That
Transformed My Bowling Game Forever!

At first, I didn't realize the real significance of what I'd just been offered.

Up until that point, I pretty much learned to bowl by trial-and-error ... which as I later discovered, is one of the worst ways to learn.

This is because when you learn by trial-and-error, you inevitably pick up bad habits... and worse still, you end up compensating for these bad habits with more bad habits, which sends you in a nasty downward spiral. You will improve a little this way, but any hope of a consistently good game vanishes into thin air.

In my first "brain picking" sessions with the bowling pro's, I learned the basics that you have to know in order to deliver a straight ball with pinpoint precision:

  • exactly where to stand – and the precise approach you should use – to maximize your chance of a strike

  • the real way to use the dots, arrows, markers and individual boards on the lane to help you accurately target

  • the ideal speed your ball should be traveling at so that the pins crash into each other the the maximum "toppling effect", where each pin carries the right amount of momentum to knock over the ones behind it (it's definitely not the case that "faster is better")

  • how to properly coordinate the steps in your approach with the movement of both your body and the ball

  • the fastest way to find the strike line

  • how to select the perfect ball for your weight and playing style (choosing the wrong ball can ruin your chances of optimum bowling)

  • the secret to successful follow-through (it’s not what most people think … it’s sad how many bowlers get this wrong, and settle for low scores as a result)

  • how to accurately target any pins left standing (including exactly where to stand, which is crucial, and depends on which pins remain), in order to consistently get spares when pins remain standing

  • how to precisely analyze and correct yourself, eliminating any bad habits you may have picked up through "trial and error" bowling

  • drills that force you to learn good technique (learn and repeat these drills, and it is virtually impossible to have an embarrassing "misfire" again)

Here’s an email I recently received from a happy bowler after learning these essential bowling secrets:

"I read your information and I applied what it taught on the lane. It took me a day to adjust myself, and on the second day I felt comfortable with the stance and proper release.

I kept on practising for one week. On our final game I was so happy when I got the Champion on SM cup with an average of 205 for nine games.

I also won

  • the SM Cup championship in January
  • the Cetba Monthly Tournament in February
  • 3rd runner up in the Pagcor Tournament
  • Highest Score of 299 Feb. 15, 2006.
  • Record holder of 708 scratch 3 games Saturday Night Bowling league.
  • 2nd runner up Cetba Bowler of the month of March 2006.
  • My latest championship April 3, 2006 - first Provincial member Joven Mondigo Classic Open Bowling Tournament at SM Bowling Center, with a series of 1714 in eight games.

Before I bought "How To Bowl Strikes" I had a handicap of 12, now I am classified as Class O and I am now zero handicap.

I am very thankful to "How to Bowl Strikes" for these achievments that I'd never experienced before. Everytime I have an error I in my bowling I always go back to the book and it solves my problems.”

-- Celis Viloria
Bowling Coach at the Summer Milo Bowling Clinic
CETBA (Cebu Tenpin Bowling Association), PBC (Philippines Bowling Congress)
Cebu, Philippines

Beyond the all-important "bowling fundamentals", I then learned how to take my entire game to the next level:

  • what to do when your game turns sour (and how to maintain an optimum mental game during a bad stretch)

  • the different oil patterns used by various bowling centers – and how these affect your game

  • the secret of achieving consistency, so you score well on every game, not just occasionally

  • how to adjust to lane conditions and difference surfaces

  • special adjustments the left-handed bowler must make

  • how to cut through the “technical talk” and know the pros and cons of each type of ball

  • proper technique for hooking the ball

  • how to minimize deflection of the ball when it hits the pins

History and experience have proven that in order to be a successful bowler, you’ll need to know all the above information … and a whole lot more, which I'll share with you in a minute.

Here is some feedback from other bowlers who have learned these essential secrets:

“I have used what I learned from your book this past year to improve my league average from a 140 to 190.

I rolled my first 300 game in January and my first 600, 700, and 800 series of my life this year. I was also awarded the most improved bowler in the league. Your book helped to make me the bowler I wanted to be.

I have been recruited to leave the team I was on and join three other teams for next season. ”

-- Joe S. Adams III

“I have an average of 171. Last night after reading just the first 4 chapters I bowled a 639 series. VERY PLEASED, thank you”

-- David L. Staoro

“I will highly recommend your manual to my students, my High School team, and the coaching staff's of the 19 other high school bowling programs in the Tucson, AZ. area."

-- Dave Williams
USBC Silver Level Certified Coach, USBC Level I & II Master Instructor,
Dick Ritgers Bowling Academy Level 2 certified coach.

"I'm picking up way more spares, and I've gone from an average of 141 to 194 in just six weeks. I'm thrilled to say I threw my first 600 series last week!"

-- Michelle Bradley.

"I've transformed my delivery and have added over 30 pins to my game in just two weeks since reading your report. I look forward to taking my game to the next level in the coming months."

-- Malcolm Fisher.

"I've never been a particularly good bowler, and was often struggling to break 120. It took me a few games to 'unlearn' my bad habits and grasp the new mechaniscs, but now I'm getting turkeys every time I bowl!"

-- Garry Martin.

"Just awesome! I just had to let you know that thanks to what I learned from you (and a good amount of practice, to be fair) I threw FIVE STRIKES IN A ROW. It was incredible ... everybody around me went quiet, they were so amazed (if you knew my previous average, you'd be amazed too!) "

-- Sarah Wright.

"As an occasional recreational bowler, my average has gone from 110 to 148 and is continuing to climb. I recently shared your report with all my bowling team (I hope you don't mind), and we now consider this a 'must read'."

-- Warwick Jackson.

“Until recently, I was just aiming for the pins, throwing the ball down the lane and hoping for the best. Now, thanks to the information you gave me, I can effectively target strikes and spares, rolling both straight and hook shots with far greater accuracy

-- Pete McLachlan

"I have bowled for many years, but it was only when I read your report that I truly understood the mechanics of the game. I can't help but smile each time I throw a strike - which now is more often that not!"

-- Andy Weston.

"Since reading and applying the section on spare targeting, I haven't missed a single 7 or 10 pin. A copy of your report now lives in my bowling bag."

-- Bruce Peterson.

So that I wouldn't forget any of the "bowling gold nuggets" that were being given to me, I took extensive notes during all my interviews with the bowling pro's.

In fact, I compiled all the required information into an exclusive 115-page report, “How to Bowl Strikes: Winning Tips, Techniques, Tools and Strategies”.

The report starts with the absolutely essential fundamentals that are crucial to your success as a bowler (and which even experienced bowlers would do well to read). These include lane layout, stance, armswing, pushaway, timing, the approach, proper footwork, and proper release.

You’ll then learn how to target a perfect strike (“target line bowling”) with the help of targeting aids (the dots and arrows), as well how to effectively target splits should any pins remain standing. Then, hook bowling, lane conditions and more advanced techniques.

What you won’t read is a boring academic discussion of the endless combinations of styles used (I've found that many bowling books give you the 10 approaches that don't work, as well as the one that does ... which beefs up the page-count of the book, but is really just wasting your time and money). You only need to learn the best approaches, those that yield consistent results time and time again.

Here’s what Miranda Raggio said about the report:

“I read your book during my recovery from surgery and found it easy to understand, helpful in it's informative but simple approach, and downright entertaining! I loved it!

I had taken the book (printed) to my bowling team. Many folks looked at it... and then came back to look at it again and again between turns. As a relative beginner I have found the book to be a great way to understand the basics of bowling without being either overwhelmed or bored! A great job!”

Miranda J. Raggio

This exclusive report – recommended by bowling coaches worldwide – is now available as a Special Report (in PDF form for immediate download, so you can be learning to improve your bowling just minutes from now).

Here’s what another Certified bowling coach had to say:

"Your information provided a valuable, easy to read information pool for bowling. I would highly recommend it for any beginner bowler who wants to achieve the fundamentals of the game so as to further develop their bowling training."

K.F., ABF Level 2 Certified Coach (full name on file; not published by request)

The Lazy Person's Way To
Drastically Better Bowling

There are two main ways to learn how to bowl consistently well

  1. Trial and error : this will take you years of dedicated practice, and you'll still be limiting yourself big-time (as one bad habit compensates for another, you've almost zero hope of truly consistent play)

  2. Learn the secrets of how the pro's nail almost every shot with surgical precision, and apply these secrets yourself. If you learn to do exactly what they do, you cannot help but get the same results!

I'm assuming you realize that option #1 is a bad idea ... especially when you realize there is an alternative.

Fortunately, the fact that you're here means you're smart enough to know that learning from an expert is a wise move ... after all, an expert has spent years learning all that they know, and all you need to do is tap into that knowledge, and you'll save yourself years of frustration.

I've never met a pro who hasn't learned many of these secrets. The difference is, if you're a pro you can afford to spend thousands on coaching sessions (and seriously, if you can afford it, this is the best way to go). I never had that kind of money though, which is why I'm so grateful for all that I was taught.

To research all this information yourself like I did, it would take months out of your life (as it did with me), and many hundreds of dollars (perhaps thousands!) consulting with top pro’s and coaches.

However, you get all the information you need to take your bowling to the next level for just $79.95 - conservatively, about one-tenth of what it's worth.

However, for a limited time, I am offering an introductory discount to test prices. That means if you reserve your copy today, you can have "How to Bowl Strikes" for only $39.95.

That, my friend, is the bargain of a lifetime for a keen bowler like yourself.

That, my friend, is the bargain of a lifetime for a keen bowler like yourself. What’s more, the money is actually irrelevant, because ...

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How can I afford to be so generous? Easy – so far, virtually every single person I have given this report to has transformed their game with startling results.

So I’m pretty darned confident it will work for you, too. Think about it: Standing in the lane approach with a smile on your face, watching the ball sail into the exact “sweet-spot” that brings down every pin with a satisfying crash time after time…. that would be something, wouldn’t it?

You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with this super-generous money-back guarantee! I’m a scientist by profession, and I stake my reputation on my promises. Perhaps more important, I’m a bowler, just like you – and I honestly want to share these amazing bowling secrets with you, and I don’t want you to worry about getting “taken” or anything.

So click on the order link below to reserve your copy. In just 2 minutes from now, you’ll be learning the secrets that will make you extremely happy with your bowling game, in a very short time.





To better bowling,


Chuck Johnson.